Refuge in the Midst of Change, Chalice for Renewal



The Anam Cara Center for Learning and Care is an evolving community platform for individuals and families who seek resources, support and information. as well as creative outlets for self-expression, while experiencing life transitions.

Together, we shift isolation and over-whelm into connection, community and transformation.  

For inquiries call Elizabeth V. Hallett, Founder and Director
at 541-488-1992 or email to:


The vision of the Anam Cara Center is that of a vibrant, catalytic, and healing community locally and on-line for new resources and creative support in the second half of our lives as we experience physical, emotional or spiritual changes; caregiver challenges; isolation or new family structures.


To provide a context for education and care using informative seminars, integrated healing techniques and resources that address heart, mind, body and soul, clearing past ills to enrich the present, while offering powerful tools to deepen meaning and the quality of our lives.

- Did a recent birthday bring up new thoughts about your future? -
- Are you a Caregiver? or a person recently diagnosed with Dementia? -
- Perhaps you are living with another life-changing illness, or there have there been changes in your family constellation; a death; a birth; a revelation? 

The Anam Cara Center offers guidance, classes, speakers and resources to help you to move through new stages of your life, be they celebration, crisis or somewhere in-


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